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Flight Data Monitoring

Flight Data Monitoring & Exceedance's

Flight data recording and exceedance monitoring to support your FOQA program

Capture Exceedance's to Ensure Safe Operations

Foresight automatically documents exceedance's throughout the mission including the Date/time, Exceedance Name, Description, and Duration of the event. Foresight illustrates the length of depth of the alerted exceedance, providing ops teams and pilots with flight training data and maintenance teams with information needed for OEM conversations.


Track and Graph Missions Along 33 Parameters

From Foresight’s fleet or aircraft view, users can easily click into FDM information. Foresight tracks the present mission and allows the operator to select completed mission and/or a precise point in time to review up to 33 different parameters including but not limited to: GPS, Heading, Pitch Rate, Barometric Pressure, Torque, Roll, and Yaw Rate.  Users can also download the full mission dataset and upload it into Xplane or comparable systems for 3D visualisations and replay.


Combine FDM and Mechanical Health in One System

Standalone FDMs, including camera-based systems, provide FOQA compliance but miss vitally important and related engine and component health data. By combining FDM and mechanical diagnostics in one Health and Usage Monitoring System, operators get comprehensive capability without stacking single system cost, adding weight, and sacrificing interoperability.

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